Damron, Christine

Christine Damron


After having a child…well 5 years after, I decided to lose the “baby” weight and started running after never running at all! I had been a high school athlete, but those days were long gone. Over a year I lost 30 pounds and found a love of races I didn’t have before! I have now completed multiple 5k races and Half Marathons!     I feel that my health/fitness journey is never ending. I LOVE food, and running fits well with that passion. 

Being a 4th generation Floridian and a 3rd generation cattle rancher, my love for the Florida Beef industry runs deep. I travel the state with the youth of the Beef Industry spreading the message that Beef is a healthy, nutritious and delicious protein source. We educate consumers in many different outlets, we lobby to our Representatives in Tallahassee, and we hold contests promoting  the marketing and knowledge base of the industry. Being a member of Team Beef FL would be an honor for me to add to my social media profile!