VanDerbeck, Courtney

Courtney VanDerbeck


I was on the track team in middle school and did sprints and hurdles. I very frankly hated running! I didn’t pick it up again until after I graduated from college and moved to Florida. The weather here and beautiful running locations was inspiring and it was then that I began running 5ks. I’m a natural-born competitor and while I am not always the fastest runner, the sport encourages me to push to be better than my last race. I completed a half marathon a couple years ago, pre-baby and would like to work up to another. Running is a great way to maintain physical and mental health and share it with others. Agriculture has been in my background for a very long time and I currently work in sales for the largest animal health manufacturer. We have a very large beef portfolio so I’m fortunate enough to work with some of the best in the business. I think the beef industry often gets a bad wrap purely due to ignorance of people. I would like to help educate the public, and athletes, on the importance of protein and lean beef in a diet. And have fun doing it! This will push me to enter even more races and run more.