Cruz, Jorge

Jorge Cruz

Coral Gables

My name is Jorge L Cruz. I was born in Habana Cuba in 1982. Due to the economics and politics regime, my family and I were forced to moved out the country to start a new beginning in Valencia, Venezuela. My dream of becoming an athlete was finally within reach. I was already in a volleyball team, closer than ever, more confident than ever that I would become a good athlete. All was envisioned, but my dream was taken away from me as I saw myself immigrating from Venezuela to the United States where I had to start dreaming about my passion all over again.             

My journey into sports commenced from humble beginnings, but with an unimaginable passion that evolved over the course of my life. I became exposed to sports at a very young age, which allowed me to develop a deep passion for hard work and dedication. When I was 12 years old I volunteered in a triathlon race where I learned the significant impact of that amazing sport might have on youth and dedicated athletes’ lifestyle. Seeing my deep interest in the field, my father bought me my first bike (mountain bike) and help me to learn about swimming and running.             

I moved to the United States in 2004 due to the political instability in Venezuela, leaving behind my family and my training. Like most immigrants, I came to this country in search of a better life, but the search did not come without difficulties. Overcoming the language barrier was a challenging task, and it took time to understand the multicultural setting of Miami, Florida. Unfortunately due to some economic issues, I had to stop training to make enough money to support myself and to help my family. I gained almost 70 Lb. more of my regular weight.  However, due to my determination and will to start over again and become a triathlete, I made an effort to understand the dynamics of this unique sport in the United States. As a result, I began to train under the supervision of fantastic and professional trainers, with whom I had the opportunity to learn more about the sport.    

Last years, I was able to complete more than 6 triathlons, several 5k competitions and a couple of half marathons with amazing results, thanks to the hard work and dedication of my couches, my team, and all the people that help me get in shape everyday. Two weeks ago, I was able to participate on the Saint Anthony’s Triathlon finishing third in my age group category and the second faster cyclist of the group. This is the result of a good diet, discipline and the desire to conquer a dream.   

During my preparation to get back in shape, I changed my diet completely. With the right quality of proteins, and vegetables, I was able to go from 250 lb. to 180 lb. As a member of the Beef team, I will have the opportunity to teach and to show others about the advantages’ of eating good quality protein to prepare their bodies for the toughest challenges and the most demanding race conditions. I am sure that 90 % of the work to become a great athlete starts with the perfect nutrition, and the uptake of protein is a must to be able to conquer your goals and expectations during competition.