Moran, Dana

Dana Moran


Being born and raised in Florida, I was grateful to participate in multiple activities year round. I started running in high school, and joined the track team. I continued running, off and on, throughout my adulthood. I run for the health benefits, mentally, emotionally, and physically. In 2010, I decided to start training for my first half marathon. In November 2011, I successfully completed the Space Coast Half Marathon! Since then, I have been hooked! I have run a half marathon, or more, every year since. I recently completed my 25th. I also compete in various distance races, including multiple race challenges, in between. I completed my first full marathon in January 2015. All races have been in the state of Florida! I want to represent Team Beef Florida because knowing some of the Team Beef members and competing with them in races, or watching them from afar, they are always an inspiration! I was raised on a plant an animal based diet. We raised most of our own cattle and grew a large portion of our vegetables. As an active female, I believe in the nutritional benefits of lean red meats to provide the protein and iron I need in order for me to perform at optimal health.