Patterson, Geoffrey

Geoffrey Patterson


I am currently a claims adjuster with Florida Farm Bureau.  Agriculture, however, has always played a major part in my life.  I am a graduate of the University of Florida with a degree in Ag Operations Management, and I have always had a specific passion for the beef industry.  Recently, my wife and I started a cattle operation of our own and are growing our small herd.      Over these past few years, I have become much more involved in the county and state Cattlemen’s Associations.  I am currently serving as the chairman of the Public Relations committee for the state association and am a part of the board of directors for the county association.  I have always enjoyed being able to educate people and help dispel common misconceptions about the beef industry.        Also, my wife studied health education & behavior in college and uses this knowledge and background to promote a healthy lifestyle in our own family.  Her background in health and our involvement in the beef industry tie in so well together, and Team Beef Florida is a perfect outlet for our family to promote both beef and health together.      I was inspired to train for my first sprint triathlon in college after reading the book Lone Survivor.  It was a very rewarding experience for me and I enjoyed the challenge and motivation it gave me to focus on fitness.  Although I have not been able to train for another triathlon since then, our family has been able to participate in some 5K races together. 

When I heard about Team Beef Florida, I saw this as a very fitting way to use my background to help promote and educate about beef, but also as a way to educate myself and others about the benefits of beef specifically related to health and nutrition.  I have been hopeful to reach some personal fitness goals over the last few years, and I see being a part of this team as an extra motivating factor to inspire myself and others in their fitness journeys.