Richardson, Karin

Karin Richardson


I have been a Paramedic EMS Captain for the last 23 years and a SWAT Medic for the Sheriffs Department for the last 2 years. Both of these jobs require me to stay physically fit and I found that through running. But 10 years ago I was told by a doctor to stop running after they found a congenital heart defect and an electrical malformation that caused my heart rate to skyrocket. I am one to never give up so I got a second opinion from a cardiologist who was active in running and triathlons. I had a cardiac ablation to fix the heart rate and was back running 4 days later. With the guidance of yearly monitoring from my cardiologist, I have run 9 marathons and countless half marathons. I was also able to become the first female SWAT member for our team and the 4th female to pass the Polk County SWAT course.

I grew up in the industry of cattle and citrus with my father working for Lykes Bros. As I got involved in running and the nutrition aspect, I read up many articles about the importance of including meat in your diet, especially as a female athlete. I am a huge believer that protein is crucial for fueling my runs. My pre-race meal always consists of a large steak and my post-race favorite is a greasy hamburger. I feel that Team Beef would be a great way for me to show other athletes the benefits of adding beef to their diets.