Sumner, Kristen

Kristen Sumner

Palm Coast

My story isn’t incredibly inspiring but I have been an athlete my entire life. I started playing softball basically at the time I started walking. I was a fast-pitch pitcher through high school. Along the way, I had many, many injuries. This resulted with me having a total of 8 surgeries on my left knee. I have torn my ACL 4 times, PCL twice, a bone graft and screw removal. Unfortunately, I was unable to fulfill my dream of playing in college. I had gained weight due to the knee surgeries and knew I needed to do something to help keep the weight off. My cousin, Christine Baldwin Damron, helped motivate me to do my first half-marathon 6 years ago and I’ve done a total of 4 since then! I never thought I would be able to run due to my knee surgeries but I have overcome that with the help of great trainers and physical therapists.

I have many family members in the beef industry. I understand how important the beef industry is to our country and I want to represent it the best way I can. I have moved to an area where the beef industry isn’t talked about much but I would like to represent Team Beef here so the word gets out about how important it is to our country!