Feagle, Caroline

Caroline Feagle

St. Cloud

I run 4-5 miles per day about 4-5 days per week. I have been an avid runner since middle school and love competing and advocating fitness, movement and healthy habits.   – My 5k times stay around 23-26 depending on my ability to train.   – I’ve completed 3 (maybe 4) half marathons, several dozen 5ks, and a few mud run type races.   – Ran high school track & cross country (almost ran collegiate level but broke my leg)  – I assistant coached cross country and track and field last year for Chiefland High School.   – I studied anatomy and physiology my first 2 years at UF.  – I’m well educated on nutrition, passionate about battling body image and eating disorders in women, (especially young women).   – Very passionate about our cattle industry and the importance of beef in ones diet.

The beef industry in the state of Florida literally raised me. I’ve worked for and been loved by the producers of this state my entire life. I am extremely passionate about the consumer perception of beef inclusion in ones diet and know that it is an instrumental part of a healthy & strong body. I’d love to represent our industry doing something I love.