Who is the ideal team member?

We are looking for all types of athletes from walkers to 5K super stars, to cyclists, and triathletes to obstacle course crazies! Our main focus will be on team member who loves beef and who are passionate about sharing it with the world through social media. We are also looking for team members who participate in a number of races throughout the year.

Do I need to have an ag background or know about the beef industry?

No, our team will have a mixture of folks with a solid beef background and those who nothing about beef at all, other than they love eating it. Each team member will be required to do a short training course to know more about beef and it’s health and nutritional benefits. You’ll be a Team Beef rockstar in no time.

How long will I serve on Team Beef?

Each team member will serve 1 year and if requirements are met, members may apply a second year. Preference will be given to team members who meet all the requirements and are passionate about Team Beef displayed through multiple races and social media posts.

Do I have to race in a certain race?

No! We encourage you to run in your hometown or whatever race you have on your training schedule for the year. We will have team members all over the state. Social media will be our friend.

Will I get to meet other Team Beef Florida members?

We hope so. We hope you get to know each other through social media but we also hope the Team can race at least one race a year together. In addition, we hope to have an end of the year celebration to recognize your hard work. This will include some super swag and a steak dinner of course.

Can I purchase additional Team Beef Merchandise?

Yes, additional Team Beef merchandise can be purchased here.