Maples, Deanne

Deanne Maples


I’ve been an on-again, off-again runner for the last 14 years. I can’t give a count to how many races I’ve run, but I’ve done quite a few. People sometimes ask “Are you a runner?” I always say, “Yes! I run daily — to the store, to work, to the kids’ schools, to the ballfield, to the pediatrician, to the pizza place, even crazy, I run around like crazy!” They usually laugh. You probably get the idea, too, but the truth is, I don’t sit still and fitness is my go-to when I’m feeling happy, sad, stressed, unmotivated, or bored. (With three kids, I’m never bored.)

We all need our go-to and I’ve found walking and running to be one of the most effective ways to reset myself and gain physical benefit, and speaking of physical benefit, I’ve been an asthmatic for the last 13 years. I have good days and not-so-good days. On those not-so-good days, my pulmonologist will always ask “Have you ran much lately?” No matter how I reply, he always tells me to move my feet more. He says activity strengthens and conditions the heart and lungs and that’s enough motivation for me. Speaking of strength and conditioning, I believe that it’s equally important to properly fuel my body. With 10 essential nutrients, my favorite being iron, I know that beef is my optimal protein and it’s also an essential, and very tasty, part of a well-balanced diet.

I was raised an advocate for Agriculture and beef production was my cup of tea. In my daily life, I advocate for the beef industry through my role as Director of Beef Marketing for Florida Beef Council. Florida has a long history as a top-producing state in the beef industry and I enjoy every opportunity to share the beef message with others. I believe in the work our producers do and I believe in the product we turn out. So, if you see me out moo-ving my feet along the race course, please stop me. I’d love to meet and hear your story.