Foley, Lisa

Lisa Foley


I started running about four years ago to stay active after giving up horse training for a living.  I found that not only did it keep me fit it always filled that competitive void that I felt after giving up horse showing.  Running has kept me healthy and allowed me to reach goals that I never thought were attainable.  I have competed in numerous 5Ks, 10Ks, 15Ks, half marathons and two marathons.  I love to support others in their journey as well and have even passed my love for running onto my ten year old step daughter Emily, who not only competes in the local 5Ks but also is on her cross country team at school.  Running has improved her attitude immensely and has also allowed her to set goals and achieve them which has escalated her confidence to another level. 

I would like to represent Team Beef because I feel like I could combine my love for running with my profession.  I work at Animal Health International as an Inside Sales Representative helping to supply product for the production industry up and down the East Coast.  I feel like this would bring two facets of my life together in a fun way!  Prior to my position with Animal Health International I had no experience within the beef industry.  My position has opened my eyes to a whole new industry with wonderful customers that have become friends and would love to help promote their industry while doing something I already love.