French, Lindsay

Lindsay French


My husband is active duty Air Force and we frequently move across the country. Each time I would move, I struggled with depression due to not having any friends or a local support system. So seven years ago, to help improve my emotional and physical well being, I decided to start running a minimum of one race per month all year long. The decision has changed my life. I have met and raced alongside some incredible people and have made life long friends through running. I have inspired others to begin running as well, which has changed their lives. Next month will conclude my SEVENTH straight year of running one race per month all year long; and provided I remain in good health (while fueled by beef), my goal is to keep this up for fifty consecutive years…. Or more!

I grew up showing cattle and working on dairy farms. The work and the lifestyle shaped me into who I am today. The producers in the industry are a unique group of people who strive to provide quality food products to our society, while also practicing excellent animal husbandry. Prior to changing my career to nursing (due to the difficulty of finding jobs with frequent military moves), I worked as a cowgirl in Wyoming and in veterinary medicine in multiple states. The beef industry, and the people that make up the industry, have greatly influenced my life. I strive to advocate for agriculture and I love when I can combine my two passions, running and livestock production, by representing Team Beef. I enjoy talking to others about the industry when they ask about my jersey at a race or my post on social media. Not only that, but beef makes up a valuable part of my diet and helps fuel me through my rigorous practice runs and races. I have been a member of Team Beef Missouri the past several years, but we recently received orders to Tyndall AFB in Florida. It would be my honor to continue to represent Team Beef in my new state of residence.