McInturf, Josh

Josh McInturf


My name is Josh McInturf  I have, for the past 11 years ridden a bike, ran, and swam. To date I have completed the Marine Corp. marathon in Washington D.C. along with the Disney Half Marathon, (Team Sam Strong, Dr. Matt Hersom’s son Sam’s team to help end Duchenne Muscular dystrophy). Triathlon has since become a passion and I have competed in as many as 25 races over the past 8 years.     During this time I have managed a cow calf herd, and worked in the industry as an animal nutrition sales representative in North and Central Florida for Westway Feed Products Suga-Lik. I have tried to be as big a spokesperson as I could, often times sharing with my non -Ag cycling, running or swimming friends about the importance of beef in their diets while also explaining the lifestyle and beliefs of Cattlemen and Women. These conversations have hopefully given those that are removed from the farm a new perspective on the Beef business.

Why do I want to represent Team Beef? I love to tell my story. My non-endurance athlete, Beef friends and athlete friends have hopefully gained a new perspective from both points of view. There has been many humorous conversations about wearing spandex and riding a bike. Usually my remark is a question. “Have you ever tried riding a 10 speed a long ways in a pair of Wranglers?”   I think this is a tremendous opportunity as a platform to educate, and share between both beef producers and the non Ag population, our stories.    Please consider me as a candidate for the team.