McMurray, James

James McMurray

Citrus Springs

So I may not be your normal applicant, I don’t compete in any of the above events. I am a powerlifter and soon to be strongman competitor. I manage a gym in The Villages Florida and coach a team of senior powerlifters who compete across Florida and on the national to world level. I have found great benefit in changing my diet to consist of a majority BEEF and the goals I have attained and still to attain highly rely on the consumption of quality and nutrient dense food. aka BEEF.

Kay Carver has encouraged me to do this for a while, but with recent political and economical changes…I feel I need to do my part to promote health beyond the gym. It hurts me to see the prices of beef rising, fake meats becoming trendy, and many politicians demonizing natures best health food. There is not much I can do to help our ranchers and the beef industry aside buying meet, perhaps this is another avenue where I can help spread a positive message about exercise, health, and beef!