Oehlschlager, Jackie

Jackie Oehlschlager


I’ve been running in races since my best friend talked me into walking a 10k then a half marathon. Walking is for the birds in my mind. I picked up running again. I ran cross country try & track from 7th-12th grade so it wasn’t new to me. I have ran 20 half marathons with my PR in Savannah, GA in 2014 when I was 7 weeks pregnant. I have ran under the two hour mark pushing a single jogger stroller and enjoy the challenge of a stroller while training still…though it’s a double now. Running helped me through post-pardon depression in Okinawa, Japan after the birth of my first daughter. My girls (ages 5 & 3.5), husband and I still love running races. I took a hiatus for pelvic floor health which many female runners face but it’s not talked about. After months of physical and laser therapy, I ran a 10k pushing my girls and placed First in the women’s division and 6th overall in a local race. It was exciting. I’m currently working on my personal training certification and hope to encourage others to join the running journey.